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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I start the day usually with lots of energy and enthusiasm for the day, especially if it's all sunny and pretty out - but even like this morning when I looked out and it was gray and overcast and starting to rain, I thought it could get better. Anyway, it doesn't last long, I get to work and it's like some magical force just saps any energy reserves possible. By lunchtime, I barely manage to finish my food before I'm snoozing on the sofa (which luckily still hasn't been moved onto the shop floor) what is that about? Falling asleep at work can be really embarassing. You could wake up with bedhair (constant problem for me) or wake up, and realise you've fallen asleep on the edge of your jumper sleeve and it leaves that big red mark on your face that won't go away. There's the drool factor, and sleeping with your mouth open when other people can walk in.. Honestly, a hazard to your health almost. At least, I think so.


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