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Saturday, April 09, 2005


I'm really annoyed with how unstable Blogger is. I haven't been able to sign in or update my blog in ages, and when I do, I get errors when trying to add stuff. Why are they so crap? Anyway, I've been a little happier knowing it's only two weeks until we're in New York! Yay for shopping on holiday! It slightly makes up for missing the summer trip we always take.. Work always seems to drag when time off is coming up. I've told people at work that I've got a problem with my back, which is why I need to sit all the time and can't do stuff I normally do, like unpack and stuff. The problem is, with all this back-problem talk, it really is starting to hurt. It's awful trying to sit all day with good posture rather than slumping over. Turns out, trying to sit properly uses muscles in my back I don't normally use. This is going to be tough.


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