I Heart Donkeys

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I start the day usually with lots of energy and enthusiasm for the day, especially if it's all sunny and pretty out - but even like this morning when I looked out and it was gray and overcast and starting to rain, I thought it could get better. Anyway, it doesn't last long, I get to work and it's like some magical force just saps any energy reserves possible. By lunchtime, I barely manage to finish my food before I'm snoozing on the sofa (which luckily still hasn't been moved onto the shop floor) what is that about? Falling asleep at work can be really embarassing. You could wake up with bedhair (constant problem for me) or wake up, and realise you've fallen asleep on the edge of your jumper sleeve and it leaves that big red mark on your face that won't go away. There's the drool factor, and sleeping with your mouth open when other people can walk in.. Honestly, a hazard to your health almost. At least, I think so.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


I'm really annoyed with how unstable Blogger is. I haven't been able to sign in or update my blog in ages, and when I do, I get errors when trying to add stuff. Why are they so crap? Anyway, I've been a little happier knowing it's only two weeks until we're in New York! Yay for shopping on holiday! It slightly makes up for missing the summer trip we always take.. Work always seems to drag when time off is coming up. I've told people at work that I've got a problem with my back, which is why I need to sit all the time and can't do stuff I normally do, like unpack and stuff. The problem is, with all this back-problem talk, it really is starting to hurt. It's awful trying to sit all day with good posture rather than slumping over. Turns out, trying to sit properly uses muscles in my back I don't normally use. This is going to be tough.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stuff from days ago

Hey, I haven't blogged in awhile.. too much going on right now. Mostly stuff I won't talk about just yet (too scary still) but I'm just so much happier that you're back. I missed you. Everything seems so much easier and less frightening when you're with me. So thank you :) (Prepare for more and more mushy and emotional moments, this is only the beginning!) Let me tell you though, public transport is so awful. An hour and a half to get home from work. I had to deal with shitty bus drivers who deliberately left late and kept us out in the rain instead of letting us in the bus, and gave snide remarks when it was the first time using a ticket-saver thing. There was the weird man who banged against the seat in front making the plastic seats dig into your knees which are already cramped because of the lack of space. The smelly people, the loud people, the absolutely rude teenagers. How is it possible that children these days can be so disrespectful? There were these two not quite teenagers, whose voices had gotten all weird sounding from all the cigarettes they'd been smoking begging other passengers for change, spitting both on the bus and the pavement, making fun of other people's accents, making rude gestures at people as the bus goes by and yelling obscenities as the they got off. Where is the discipline in these kids' lives? It was a sad (and exhausting) experience, and I hope it's a long time before I get on a bus again.