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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Oh christ, am I tired. I know I shouldn't have just slept for two hours, but I did. Right in the middle of the day, which means I'm fucked tonight. It was a nice weekend though.. Love having Saturdays off. We went to Osterley Park and kicked around a football, and threw a frisbee. I love frisbees now. I don't remember ever having one as a child. Great fun. We took some really cheesy photos and had a laugh, it was nice. Wasn't too hot or anything. Then we went to Tony Roma's for dinner - I've always maintained that I don't like ribs, and turns out I do :( The messiness of it, and the hassle of the bones .. shit. Ate too much (what a surprise) but the desserts were lovely. Afterwards, we went bowling! It's been years since I've been bowling. (woohoo the girls kicked ass) Who says bowling's not fun? I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I've got two days off, but I'm working Good Friday and Easter Saturday :( No long weekend for me. I'm sure I'm being punished for something.


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