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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


It's interesting to see how long things last.. I'm a little tired of updating this blog already. After what? Not even two weeks? Helps that no one looks at it. It's hard to come up with something to write every day, especially when you know things really can't be that interesting all the time. I've nearly finished my book Ark Angel. I kept getting 10-12 year old boys coming into the store all excited asking for the book, and they were pretty surprised when I said I was reading it. I really loved all the books in the series, and this one was pretty good as well. You really need to suspend your disbelief though, and try not to tell other people what's going on as you're reading it (try to contain the loud dramatic gasps so other people around you won't ask) because if they do, you'll end up looking really sad (sadder, I mean, like me) when you have to tell them 'Well, the main character - a 14 year old boy, working for MI6, who's just gotten out of a major surgery is trying to tightrope walk to escape from a burning building fifteen stories up without a safety net, in in his bare feet balancing a pole to get away from ecoterrorists who want to kill him. Oh and a explosion nearly knocks him off balance... Yeah. Mmhmm. Fantastic book though, highly recommend. Today was a nice lazy day, with birthday festivities (Happy birthday!) Wanted to go for a daytrip, but it was all wet and rainy. I liked the day anyway, it was relaxed, and nice to just sit at home and watch card tricks (and watch Roswell!) Just watched Teen Wolf, it's been a long, long time since I'd seen that. :) Got the day off tomorrow as well..


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